The 5 key factors for successful project implementation

A lot of things are to consider, when you are going to implement a DMS. This is our list of the 5 key factors to make this project successful. Gain the wished financial benefit and imporove the efficiency of your staff including delight in what they are doing.

Involve your users

To involve your user as early as possible is a guaranty of the success of the implementation for both, company and users. The users understand the change and the company gains from the insight of your users in finding best practice for the new DMS. Every change is painful and the users like to work the way they did. To make the project a success, you need to involve the users in designing the new processes.

Train your users

First priority is to reserve enough time for training. With training the user obtains confidence in the new DMS and gets the needed results with working on the new system. When you start with little trained users, they cannot use the advantages of the DMS and will not work efficient and productive. Training, separated in user groups, has the highest benefit and will facilitate the user delight after starting real operation.

Stick into your plan

Organize your DMS change straight and simple. Avoid bottle necks to keep your financial plan and the expected efficiency. You will save time and money by sticking into the plan and have delighted user in future. At the end you need a functional DMS, solving the complication of your former solution.

Measure your results

Measure your results and decide if the functions are meeting your needs. Identify missing function and adapt in an early state to avoid a snowball.

Avoid overtaxing

The implementation of a new DMS is a big challenge for your organization and might feel overtaxing. To reach the goal, usage of the DMS for your demands, your team needs to be open for the change and understand the importance of the process. When all participants understand the company’s decision and are working together actively, the looking for advantages is in the foreground. This enables optimized productivity.