Modules: Compose your own CDP

The CDP base package is brand neutral and suitable for companies regardless their size.

Add on modules and interfaces are one of the most important reasons why car dealers and workshops are deciding for CDP.: They receive the package which they need, please inform yourself how flexible our software can be adapted to your needs.

Brand specific functions like spare parts prices, labour time catalog or warranty maintenance are available. The function size can be adjusted to your individual demand.

Module overview of all areas of your car dealership – workshop, parts sales, vehicle sale, …:

  • Repair order manangement: Appointment- and workshop planning incl. welcome terminal, tyre hotel, mobile service advisor and many omoe.
  • Vehicle sales: sales palnning, rental management etc.
  • Warehouse manangement: Barcode Scanner support for parts take in, re-allocation, inventory, and picking, webshp integrated in parts sale.
  • Reporting: Individaul dashboard, lists and more.
  • Multi site: parts re-alocation between sites, overview over all sites, etc.
  • Whole sale: connection to subdealers, webshop.
  • Bookkeeping integration: balance take over, Debitor transfer, etx.
  • Brand specific: Many interfaces for almost every brand
  • Special functions: document archive for example
  • Interfaces: Audatex, Autocalc, CarGarantie, Tecalemit, etc.