Advantages with the Vector Dealer Management App:

Increase sales

Additional insight about your clients leads to more cross selling potential

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Reduce costs

CDP costs you something, but you can reduce various costs with CDP.

Gain time

Less administration allows you to focus on your core business


With the Car Dealer Package from Vector I have THE optimum support for my brands Renault and Toyota!
Sabine Hödl-WengerAutohaus Wenger GmbH, Kuchl
CDP Solution is the perfect solution, especially the integrated cash desk system facilitates the daily work.
Since 1989 we are customer of Vector and have appreciated the advantages of the Car Dealer Package. It is a good feeling to rely on our partner Vector. Even now, with two locations and centralized customer data, we get perfect evaluations and can act and react quickly and immediately.
Since 1987 Vector is our reliable software supplier and I am completely satisfied with the services. The trainings are well organized and we like it that all questions are addressed. I can recommend Vector and CDP to everybody.
Since 1988 we use CDP as our DMS. In all this years CDP has been continuously expanded, modernized and adapted, especially to the requirements of our brand Citroën. After 28 years with an own server, we now rely on the cloud solution from Vector and rather take care of our core business.
With CDP we could streamline our processes significantly. So it was partly possible not to replace positions that became vacant. At Vector I particularly like the quick response to market changes and the great support. We also appreciate the flexibility to provide us with special solutions, if we go beyond the standard requirements.
Our importer Toyota Frey has also chosen CDP. That was crucial for us to use these advantages in order to simplify our workflow. CDP provides us more interfaces than we knew it from our old DMS. We look forward together with our importer and our colleagues to ensure the simple, clear and timely process handling by the collaboration with Vector.

The Car Dealer Package from Vector

Independent of the country a dealership is located in the competition in the automotive business is getting tougher.

It is not enough to provide good products and services to continue your success.

You need equally good tools for your operations as for the workshop.

CDP, the Car Dealer Package from Vector is not just another DMS.
Others can also manage the ordinary daily routine operations, like invoicing.
But with CDP you gain the decisive advantage to continue to be successful.

CDP knows no limits:

  • Multiple sites, multiple brands, high demands – CDP is ideal for you.
  • You have a smaller operation? Just then you must not leave the great competitive advantages with CDP to the big ones! For example you have more important things to do than to run your own server.

Increase sales

CDP is consistently aimed at increasing your sales. Here are just some examples:

  • Already at the workshop vehicle reception by tablets you gain additional revenue using standardized checklists. You enter jobs, the customer doesn’t want to be done immediately, as potentials and can thus fill the workshop during off peak periods. At the next appointment date planning you will get a reminder of this open work, as well as information on all overdue OEM recalls.
    Before printing the workshop invoice you are automatically informed by the comparison with the punch time on additional work that would have been forgotten to be invoiced otherwise.
    By an automated customer loyalty program the owners of older vehicles remain your regular customers.
  • If you are supplying sub-dealers or independent workshops with parts you increase your sales by an attractive web shop with accurate information on prices and delivery ability.
    Sleeping or dead stock will automatically be offered for sale on a parts bourse.
  • The vehicle trade is strengthened by the perfect integration of a CRM, the salesman has direct access to all car repairs of the customer.
    By the automated evidence no sales bonus from the OEM or importer will be forgotten any more.
  • A modern dealership app on the smartphone of your customers retain these additionally and strengthen your image.
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Reduce costs

CDP will cost you something but at the same time you will save a multiple of these costs with CDP. These are a few examples:

  • The sophisticated support for the equalization of the workshop receipt and return dates not only makes your customers happy but also saves you resources that would otherwise be needed only for peaks in the morning and afternoon.
  • Automated SMS messages to your customers reduce your communication efforts, for instance for the approval of necessary extra work, at the completion of the repair with cost information or for reminding on tire exchange.
  • You will receive precise information about no-loads in the workshop or employees with lower productivity and can take countermeasures in time.
  • Already before order acceptance from customers with open debts you will be warned.
  • Optimized order proposal calculations provide a good balance between deliverabilityc and capital bound in stock.
  • By charging customers prepayment for ordered parts you avoid dead stock if the customer doesn’t show any more.
  • Sub-dealers or repairers buying parts from you enter their orders in the web shop themselves and do not need your resources for information any more.
  • Paying your sales men in vehicle trade a commission based on contribution margin will educate them in thinking commercially and avoid sales with poor or even negative DB.
  • With several locations you will lower your marketing costs by a common customer base and avoid multiple mailing to same addressee. Access to the camp of other locations avoids ordering parts that the company are sufficiently available anyway.
  • You avoid a lot of costs by timely reaction to changes by means of indicators supplied.
  • Finally, also the time savings in the daily work described below save costs.

Gain time

Each function in the CDP is designed to free you from work, and thus to gain time.

  • Our cloud solution ‚CDP Solution‘ frees you from the running and monitoring an own DMS server. You make use of the complete solution simply by access to the Internet; we take care of the rest. You are as well freed from the annoying daily tasks like data backup, program updates etc. as from the investment in new servers every few years.
  • The most important characteristic of CDP to gain time is the full integration of all components. All data entered at any point into the system never have to be entered a second time.
  • With the optimized search functions you quickly and efficiently find exactly the information you are looking for.
  • Processing of backorders for a customer or for a workshop order is seamlessly managed by the system, from the ordering at your supplier to automatic assignement and customer information via SMS when receiving the delivery..
    The parts-picking just like the inventory becomes much faster with the mobile barcode solution.
  • Invoicing of vehicles with correct taxation will not require research or specialized knowledge even in special cases any more.
  • Controlling of incoming parts and vehicles invoices will be transferred to the operating department that can do this more efficiently and without further enquiries. By the subsequent automatic booking no further effort in time evolves in the accounting.
  • By the use of all available options for data exchange with your OEMs and other suppliers you save massively on time that otherwise is required for double entries as when ordering parts and cars, delivery receipt or warranty processing.

The time saved can be used for more important tasks, such as generating additional revenue again, consequently the cycle of our three pillars has closed.

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